Conservation Easement Surveys

Conservation Easements provide property owners with the ability to both utilize and protect their land today and for years to come. This form of easement enables the private property owner to work with governmental agencies and / or nonprofit land trusts to set up viable conditions and terms of use that will both benefit the property owner and their land. Generally speaking, property owners can effectively reduce their property tax obligations through this conservation easement process.

McAbee & Associates has worked with several of the local Western North Carolina conservancy groups on the surveying aspects of both large and small-scale conservation easement projects. Local agencies and attorneys working with property owners on these projects continually recommend our firm. We feel this is a testament to our ability and expertise to provide the high level of professional surveying services that these surveys require. If you determine that a conservation easement is a suitable utilization of your property, please be sure to contact us for the professional surveying services you will need to get this easement established. We will work with you and the conservation agency you select to ensure that the establishment of the easement and associated property lines are sound and able to be relied upon with utmost confidence.

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