Area & Volume Calculations

Stockpile Measurements: McAbee & Associates can assist you in measuring stockpiles and giving you the quick and accurate quantities you need at an affordable price. We have assisted companies in the past with measuring sand, mica, gravel and asphalt screenings to name a few. With the cost many raw materials are bringing, companies can ill-afford the lack of accurate material quantities that rough taping and truck counting will provide. Allow us to help you keep track off your inventories in an accurate and affordable way - helping you to be more profitable.

Dirt and Rock Quantities: McAbee & Associates offers dirt and rock volume calculations both before and during the construction phase of a project. We can take your proposed grading plan and tell you the amount of dirt to be moved thereby allowing you to me more accurate in your project estimating. We can also quantify dirt and rock moved during construction by taking before and after shots and calculating the difference. This removes the need for guessing or counting truck loads and gives you a much more accurate number for calculating change orders. With rock being a very expensive unknown for both owner and contractor, give yourself the peace of mind of having an accurate volume when you need it.

Disturbed Area: McAbee & Associates offer the service of determining disturbed or cleared areas on construction projects. We can tell the amount of area clearing when paying for clearing at a per acre unit price. We can also tell you the amount of cleared area per lot in residential subdivisions. With the City of Asheville and Buncombe County setting limits on disturbed area in their hillside development ordinances, it is becoming more and more important to keep up with how much land is disturbed on your projects. It may even be required in some projects. Let us help you protect yourself and your investment by giving you accurate area calculations for your project.