Boundary Surveys

Virtually every aspect associated with the use and ownership of property is directly related to the definitive location of the extents of that property. It is a well known fact that real estate is an extremely valuable possession and can be a very profitable investment. With this in mind it is very prudent for both the current owner of a tract of land or a prospective buyer to have a definite knowledge of the boundaries and encumbrances associated with the property of interest. McAbee & Associates has been providing professional boundary surveys of the highest quality and integrity for over 20 years in and around Western North Carolina. We take pride in our expertise associated with the intricacies and nuances of performing boundary surveys here in the mountains. We provide our clients with a thorough survey that reflects not only the property boundary lines, but also the applicable rights of way, easements, zoning regulations, flood hazard zones, and areas of encroachment and any potential conflicts associated with the parcel. With our highly qualified and large staff we can perform boundaries of any size affordably and in a timely manner. If you have a tight due diligence timeline on a potential development project or need a tract of land surveyed for a forthcoming closing, McAbee & Associates has the capacity and expertise to provide you with a boundary survey that can be trusted with the utmost confidence and that meets your timeline.


Large scale boundary survey for residential subdivision development
Boundary Survey of Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College (Asheville Campus)
Boundary Survey of a Hospital Complex
Boundary Survey of a Retail Center
Boundary Survey of an Automotive Retail Center
Boundary Survey of a Care Center Complex
Boundary Survey of an Area Golf Course
Small Scale Residential Boundary Survey


















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