Flood Certifications & Flood Study Surveys

If your existing or proposed residence / building is located in an area that has been determined to be in a flood hazard zone, McAbee & Associates can provide you with the flood elevation certificate you will need to obtain flood insurance. Our firm can also provide you with the delineation of the extents of these areas so that you can ensure that your proposed building site is outside an adjacent flood hazard area.

In some cases, a flood study is required to effectively revise existing flood maps and data in order to eliminate the implications of having your proposed development project being designated as located within a special flood hazard area. McAbee & Associates, in coordination with a licensed civil engineer, is well qualified to provide you with the professional services required to get your project through this process. Our firm will provide the civil engineer with the critical surveying data and elevation control data they will use to perform the calculations required to support the alteration of the existing flood data and maps. McAbee & Associates also has many excellent working relationships with local engineering firms and can help recommend a firm that will match both our level of expertise and professionalism in regards to the professional engineering services they render.

Please contact our firm today should you find the need for professional surveying services associated with flood maps, data and special hazard zone implications. We have the experience and knowledge required to ensure that you get precisely what you need on your property's unique flood status and associated requirements.

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